About The Traveling Six

We are the Pettit family. Like many, we are fascinated with traveling. We believe that there are fewer things in this world that last longer than a memory, and what better way is there to create a memory, than to travel.

We are Brett and Jennifer. We have four children, two boys, and two girls. Our youngest by the age of three has been out of the country multiple times, and our oldest has flown enough to fly around the world three times.

With our passion for traveling, we have been blessed to have a career at a major airline. This has given our family an amazing opportunity to travel often. We have a unique perspective on traveling and we have learned the do and do not’s when traveling with children. We are anxious to share what we have learned, and hope to provide incite, tips/tricks, and some suggestions on how and where to travel with big families.

What People Say

The world is a book, and those that do not travel, only read one page.

Saint Augustine

Let’s build something together.