Bear Lake, Utah July 2020

We just took a trip to Bear Lake on the Utah/ Idaho Border. It was a blast! I would do the trip again!

Bear Lake was about a 2 ½ hour drive from the Salt Lake City Airport. We enjoyed the scenic drive through the canyon. I am very afraid of heights so driving up a canyon next to a cliff is terrifying, but the drive was on a wide 4 lane road and not very steep.

Bridgerland Adventure Park:

We spent the first day at Bridgerland Adventure Park. It was amazing! It’s a new park with zip lines, obstacle courses, tube slides, ax throwing, and more. They had a wide variety of activities for young children up to adults. There are a variety of ticket options to fit your budget. We picked the option that included 3 big activities as well as several small activities that are checked off your wristband. The wristband is good for 3 days in case you aren’t able to complete all your activities. My personal favorite was the zip line. It wasn’t too high but was an amazing way to experience the view of the lake. I consider Bridgerland a must-do while visiting Bear Lake.

Zipline and in the background you can see the tube slide. My youngest kids couldn’t get enough of this!

Vacation Home: Bear Lake Luxury Vacation Rentals- WaterEdge Villa

After a fun-filled day at the Adventure Park, we drove to our Vacation Rental a few minutes away in Garden City. The lakefront vacation rental was gated and included a community pool. It claimed it slept 30. I find that hard to believe. We were pretty cramped with 23. Some of the rooms had 2 full-sized triple bunk beds, but it was difficult to get that many kids to fall asleep in the same room. It was beautiful, modern, and had an amazing view from the family room. At night we enjoyed the fire pit on the rooftop terrace. I had to go in early because I was too cold. It went down to a chilly 56 degrees at night in July!! So don’t forget to bring a sweater. Many of our family members stayed up to look at the stars and enjoy the view of the Milky Way and a comet. The rooftop was perfect for stargazing!

North Beach State Park:

On day two we headed to North Beach State Park. Some of my kids had never been to Idaho before so they were excited we had to cross the Idaho state line to get there.

It was amazing! The water was stunning turquoise blue! Bear Lake has been given the nickname the Caribbean of the Rocky Mountains, and it lives up to its name! I was surprised to find such crystal clear stunning water in a lake! The water was also shallow near the beach. You could walk out on soft sand for about 100 yards before the water even reached your knees. It was perfect for small children who could touch and play without the danger of getting lost. It was ideal for parents because it was very low stress keeping them safe. The beach area was packed, so I would recommend getting there early to find a place in the sand. There is a small $5 parking fee. We stayed for several hours and I could have stayed longer, but my kids were craving a nap.

Boating Day:

On day 3 we rented a pontoon boat and 2 wave runners for a lake day. We rented from Bear Lake Rental. The rental was right on the water and no towing was needed. The boat was brand new and in perfect condition. We were surprised that even though we felt chilly in the shade we were getting sunburned. Make sure to apply ample sunscreen often!

Raspberry Shakes:

No Bear Lake trip is complete without a raspberry shake. They are famous for them. We went to La Beau’s. It was delicious and a charming place.

Coronavirus Warning:

It was a perfect vacation for avoiding COVID cases in the big cities, however, I was very surprised by their lack of Social distancing and coronavirus safety precautions. We kind of nervously laughed, “Do they know there is a pandemic happening right now?” We rarely saw anyone wear a mask at grocery stores. People crammed into each other buying shakes, and the beach was pretty full. The area has very few COVID cases, but I would make sure to bring your sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. For buying Raspberry Shakes and other restaurants, try a less busy time of day instead of the busy evening hours. If the packed beach makes you feel uncomfortable, there are plenty of other parts of the lake that are just as fun to see!! It’s absolutely amazing and definitely worth the trip and can easily be done safely!

I hope you get a chance to see the “Caribbean of the Rocky Mountains” for yourself! Happy Travels!

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