COVID-19 Is it Safe to Fly?

I’m sure you are all asking yourselves if it is safe to travel on airlines? Should you or should you not cancel your flight reservations? Would it be better to wait and book a flight in the future? I hope I can help you by answering those questions from a different perspective.

Covid-19 has put a damper on traveling, however it doesn’t mean it needs to stop completely.

In 2019 over 925.5 million people flew in the U.S. alone. 2020 was expected to be another year of substantial growth for the airlines. However, the airlines did not see Covid-19 coming.

Covid-19 has hurt almost every industry in the world. Restaurants, and other industries are having to be creative to make people safe. This includes the airline industry.

We all come from different backgrounds, and have different perspectives on Covid-19. Some people do not follow any of the new rules put in place i.e social distancing, while others will not leave their closet. My perspective is a little different while working for an airline.

I had a chance to fly with my family in April and experienced what its like to fly during these times for myself. From my perspective, it has never been safer to fly. Airlines have put policies into place which allows for social distancing. Although this hurts their budget in some ways by reducing passenger capacity, airlines know people need to be safe. Here are some of the ways airlines have changed.

  1. For most airlines, masks are mandatory. If you are worried that your kids will not wear them, they will. They want to fit in. Even our 3 year old wanted a mask because she felt left out when she wasn’t wearing it.
  2. Middle seats and certain rows of the plane are being blocked off for social distancing. Who wants a middle seat anyways?
  3. Airplanes have never been cleaner. Have you ever looked under your seat? Don’t, its gross. Now however, they are cleaning every nook and cranny of the airplane. Airlines are spending more money and have greatly upgraded the quality of cleaning the aircraft after every flight. Also, they do a very deep cleaning every night. I can tell you, I felt cleaner on my last flight.
  4. Pilots and flight attendants are wearing masks
  5. Airports also have rules put into place for social distancing.
  6. Airports are cleaner than ever. While I was sitting waiting for my flight, I saw people spraying, and wiping down rows, where people were just sitting in.

Honestly, I believe it is safer to fly than shopping at your local Target or Walmart. This is just my experience. As more businesses are beginning to open, including Disney just announcing it will open in July, the amount of ticket sales are slowly rising, and prices will eventually be back to what they were before.

Right now is the perfect time to buy airline tickets. Check out Southwest, Delta, United, and American as they have all lowered their prices, and have added major benefits to their reward programs. Also, check out car rentals and hotel prices. I have never seen prices this low. I hope this gives you something to think about while deciding your travel plans. Happy Travels!

Aircraft photos courtesy of Dylan Phelps


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